Monday, August 23, 2010 | By: Josh W

2nd Ultrasound

In the beginning, we were spoiled. We had an appointment with the OB (scheduled well in advance for other reasons) the morning after we found out we were pregnant. Dana had a series of blood tests every two days which we could use to track hormone - and presumably, baby's - growth. Then we had the first ultrasound and the subsequent reports from that.

Then a month of silence.

So the other day, we were at the OB for our week 10 checkup. We're a little paranoid after our loss two years ago, and the sudden lack of updates was making us nervous. Our OB was sympathetic and busted out the Doppler to try to hear the heartbeat. Nothing could be heard, but no surprise since Doppler machines usually aren't effective until week 12. She then wheeled in her ultrasound machine. We were able to see a tiny flicker of a heartbeat, and were relieved at last. To put us further at ease, we got another referral to the local ultrasound specialists to get a more detailed look.

Here's a look at the second set of images from our ultrasound. You can even see a face in a couple of the the pictures!

By the way, the ultrasound tech now predicts a due date of March 6, which tells me baby is growing like a champ!